M&F team has extensive experience working in management roles in several industries, with decades of successful projects delivered in numerous locations. Based in New York City, our leadership has a background of international business and commercial relations with European and American markets. Serving in trading, real estate, insurance, construction, energy, cosmetics, retail and food industries, M&F acenurtures the connections that can bring your business to the next level.

With a goal-oriented mindset we breakdown all the information and data following a 5-step process to create value and keep the focus on the results. Our system is built on metrics established to measure the return on investments aligning the results with customer’s expectations.


  1. Analyze Market to determine Industry Trends

  2. Company assessment to identify the Strengths and Weaknesses

  3. Determine the positioning of the company aligned with tendencies

  4. Create plans with SMART goals

  5. Monitor the implementation of established plans